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Dryer Balls, Art and My Heart

Sister time..

Sometimes you just gotta talk to your sister for 3 hours and 9 minutes on FaceTime and talk about all the things.. all the random, weird, funny things. My sis (my only sibling) lives 1,000 miles away in Alabama and I never have much time to give between all these kiddos and businesses and life.. bless it. But tonight the stars aligned and we got 3 glorious toddler free hours! 

We made a sticker...

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You were already there.. this whole time!

Raise your hand if you’ve been waiting.. waiting to buy a house (next year right).. waiting to get a better job (a little more training and I’ll get there).. waiting to lose weight (tomorrow I won’t eat the cookies).. waiting to get married (one day).. waiting for your calling (who even am I? What is my purpose? One day it will come to me!).. waiting to find that sweet spot in life.


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The overwhelm.. and the love. It’s the little things.



I so badly wanted to start 2021 off with a serious intention of letting go of all of the anxiety.. letting go of covid fears, letting go of feeling less than, letting go of feeling like I am not giving enough to all of the people that need me. 

That lasted less than a day. Friday evening (January 1st) I found out that my pastor of the first church I ever joined died from covid earlier that...

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Do the dang things!


I collected rocks when I was little, I don’t know why.. I guess I just liked how pretty they were and they made me feel good.

I stopped when I was a teenager because I felt silly having a rock collection.

I started seeing rocks and crystals over and over through the years but as an adult and a Christian I felt like I couldn’t possibly let myself buy them, set intentions with them, and just enjoy...

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2021.. the big picture.


2021.. the big picture.

2021- I won’t fill you up with expectations that you may not be able to meet. I won’t hold you up to a standard that you may not be able to live up to. It’s not your fault. Everyone is expecting YOU to be different, but 2020 taught me so many new things- about the world, people, friends, family, health, wealth, the government, business and myself. I finally let myself...

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