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5000 fans facebook thank you

I'm not quite sure if I can put into words just how much this means, but 5,000 friends on our Facebook page.. that is simply amazing!

I started out in 2007 just trying to make fun and easy to use items other Moms could use in their homes.. while fueling my newly found cloth diaper addiction! Now almost 5 years later we are literally bursting at the seams! Looking for office/warehouse space, employee's, more e-mail's than this Mama can handle and more amazing comments and love on our Facebook than I could have dreamed!

I purchased my first cloth diapers from a Mama in New Braunfels Texas that owned Full Circle Baby. When I would go to her house to pick things up I would see her piles of orders sitting at the door for the mailman and just smile thinking about how cool that must be, never in my dreams did I think that would be me, never in my dreams did I think we would be sending thousands and thousands of balls out every year. I wish I was a little more organized and knew just how many I've sent out, but I know the numbers are well over 10,000. With balls being sent all over the world, US, Canada, New Zealand, Iceland, Ireland, UK, Japan, Australia. I tried to start a map and pin the places our balls are happily bouncing around but it was just too much to handle (I'll admit I still think about how neat it would be to see a map filled with little blue pins).

This Mama thanks you all.. from the very bottom of my heart. Each order I sent out makes me smile, it makes me smile for many reasons, but that you chose our store, you chose to go green, you chose to buy dryer balls instead of fabric softeners and dryer sheets one more time, that each ball will save just thiiiis much energy and get rid of thiiiiiis much harsh chemicals that you expose your family to. Your support has supported my family, you have enabled me to stay home with our children, to be there for my friends and my family when they need me, to be a volunteer firefighter and help my community when they need me. You have done so much more than you will ever know.

So yes, to this little work at home Mom.. 5,000 is HUGE! Thank you thank you THANK YOU! I can't say it enough.


PS, I will be having some giveaways coming this weekend and I will be sure to let you know as soon as they are up! :D

We went from when this was a LOT!!

To THIS is a LOT!!

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