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Do the dang things!


I collected rocks when I was little, I don’t know why.. I guess I just liked how pretty they were and they made me feel good.

I stopped when I was a teenager because I felt silly having a rock collection.

I started seeing rocks and crystals over and over through the years but as an adult and a Christian I felt like I couldn’t possibly let myself buy them, set intentions with them, and just enjoy them.

Then 2020 came and I said do the things that make YOU happy Melinda.. screw what anyone else thinks. So I did. I bought the dang crystals!

Tonight I took my palms and tumbles out and just looked at them, the rainbows, the colors, the swirls, the perfect imperfections. I felt the coldness, the smoothness, the small ripples and shapes.

It made me HAPPY!

So here’s my challenge to you in 2021.. do what makes you happy.. if it’s shoes, gardening, dancing in the rain, bird watching, doodling, I don’t give a damn.. do the things!  

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