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Just a little dreaming

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What are your dreams? What are your big goals? Share with me. I want to know more about YOU. What is holding you back? What stops you from reaching for it? Get it out. Maybe talking about it today can be a step forward for both of us.

My dreams? I'm not going to lie, I feel like I am already living part of my dream and goal in life. Yes yes beyond just being a Mama, that's a given. I was blessed with a little life when I was 16 and here I am 20 years later bringing another little life into the world. I was born to be a Mama. But I'm not talking about that. I'm talking about to your core? What fulfills your spirit?

I always dreamed of being an artist. I dreamed of creating things, beautiful things, things that made me happy, that colored my life, that made me and others smile. In July 2007 I happened to make a few dryer balls and thought I'd sell them to make a little cloth diaper cash.. and by some fluke chance here I am 11 years later still doing it. Sometimes I honestly have no idea how. And if you've been here from the beginning you're probably wondering the same thing. I've failed miserably, I've had some huge accomplishments through all of this, and somehow I'm still here.. and you my awesome friends are still here to support me now matter how big I mess up sometimes. I've been arm in arm with some of the biggest cloth diaper manufacturers out there, flown to St. Louis to meet with Cotton Babies, hosted Twitter chats with Fuzzi Bunz.. sent samples to Martha Stewart.. talked to R&D at Seventh Generation and was even asked to be on Shark Tank.. really felt like a speck in the world of big shots there for a minute haha. I've also been low low.. not sure how I can possibly touch another piece of wool, put a ball in a bag and mail it. Cancer rocked my world. Moves across the US. I was a firefighter for a good portion of the past 11 years. I have been working for my Dad's hobby store. I've almost join the San Antonio police department. You name it and somehow this little Buddha Bunz is still here lol, never would have thought! And I'm still dreaming.

But I struggle still, there's more out there right? I started painting, and hand lettering, Bible journaling, mixed media, making beautiful things that I can sit back and look at like whoa I made that? And the more I work on it the better I feel I get. I've been working on my art for a long time now.. like my whole life. I thought I was good 2 years ago and somehow I look back like whoa that sucked lol. So really, I have no idea how good I am. But my dream was always to make beautiful things, I don't know in what capacity, painting, writing, drawing, Bible painting, canvases, lettering.. I still have no clue.. but I create. I'm a creator. I guess in the end that's my dream.. to create and as long as I keep putting stuff out there, maybe one day I will find out what the plan is for me. So I'll create dryer balls, I'll create beautiful tie dye dryer balls that make me smile because I have no idea what they are going to look like when I start. I'll create paintings with no plan in mind, just a thought and I'll keep putting ink and paint down until I sit back and think wow.. done! And maybe I'll create words, maybe no one will read them, but I do love to write, I love to inspire, I love to make others think and smile and dream and love harder. I'll fail, I'll make stuff that stinks, that doesn't sell, that I push to the back like what the heck was that all about.. but I'll keep going forward.

And for right this moment, I'll create this little baby girl that's coming in 16 days!

So now you know a little about the inside of my dreams and heart. Care to share?

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