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Yep.. the number of the day is 7,000!!! Your amazing and continued support for my tiny business cannot even be measured. I'm not that great with words.. or perhaps I may be a little TOO good because if I try and tell you all just how much this means you'd be reading all night! 

What does your support mean? Let me just count a few of the ways! 

- Every wool dryer ball I sell means more energy saved
- Every wool dryer ball I sell means less chemicals and toxins in your home and in our environment
- Every wool dryer ball I sell means one more extra fluffy towel, shirt or cloth diaper on your babies bum
- Every wool dryer ball I sell means groceries for my family
- Every wool dryer ball I sell means baseball games for my son
- Every wool dryer ball I sell means a roof over our head
- Every wool dryer ball I sell means I'm one step closer to my dreams
- Every wool dryer ball I sell means I'm one more successful woman owned business that has made it because of you
- Every wool dryer ball I sell means a small fiber mill gets more business
- Every wool dryer ball I sell means a North American farmer and his family are supported
- Every wool dryer ball I sell means business that has 100% stayed in North America

Every wool dryer ball I sell means the world to me and I hope you can start to see why. I may not be the fastest, I may not be the best at multitasking everything that it takes to run a business of this size... but every single order that is shipped out large retailers (Cotton Babies, The Baby Grocery Store etc etc) or small 1 ball orders comes with a lot of pride and care behind it. I am a one man show, all of the selling, marketing, e-mail's, ordering, customer service (or lack of.. o_O), manufacturing, packing, shipping is done with these two hands and has been for the past 6 years. I don't pretend to always know what I am doing or which way is up or down, but my heart and soul are in this business and each of my amazing customers are my rock. 

Your posts, reviews, private messages, e-mail's, shares, likes, comments, orders, suggestions, word of mouth and support is what keeps me going. Starting your own business is NOT easy, ask anyone, but there are things that make you continue and make you keep pushing forward and YOU my friends are that reason.

My business is 100% sourced out of North America, that means supporting the small farmers here in the US and Canada, the family owned fiber mill in the US and my tiny home here in San Antonio. From the bottom of my heart thank you. 7,000 fans is just an excuse for me to be able to get on here and publicly thank you, but trust me.. I feel this each and every day! 

So without further adieu I have lined up an amazing giveaway.. with over 30 women owned business owners that are all rock star friends of mine that have wanted to join me in thanking you for supporting us! A full list of the businesses and their websites is below the rafflecopter box.

Rules: Please take a moment and like all of these amazing businesses Facebook pages. They are filled with lots of thought and hard work and they would love to hear from you. Each like means something to us and is greatly appreciated. It's like a big pat on the back haha! There will be ONE winner for each prize, chosen by Rafflecopter. It will be verified that you are a fan of the page of the prize the winner was chosen for so be sure to like the pages for everyone that has donated. If your name is picked and you haven't liked the page we will move to the next winner. You will be contacted after your name is picked and I will pass your information on to the business you won a prize from and they will ship directly to you. That's it, easy peasy. And thank you again! 

  a Rafflecopter giveaway

Baby Dipper Bowl
Bunchees Baby Bottle Bibs
Mama Kloth
Swim Zip
Noblo Umbrella Buddy
Bogg Bag
Accessory Connectz
Oops Pillow Protector
The Diaper Clutch
Simply Charmed
Easy Daysies
Liv & Lily Boutique
Lunchbox Love
The I Like Book
Spray Pal
Poppy Drops
Cuddle Cloth
Quick Split
The Fairy Godmother Store
Loveys Body Products
Lalabye Baby 
Milk It Kit
Green Paxx
Parking Pal Magnet
Beachfront Baby
Barb Arnold Origami Owl
Dr. Nancy's Remedies
Heidi Girl Boutique
Le Bibble 
Buti Bag  
PSI Bands

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