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September Wallpaper Freebies

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Hi friends! I don't know about you, but I can't believe it's September already! I think it's hitting me extra hard this year because Marlee has grown so exponentially this year and now it's almost over. We started off 2019 with a baby and now we have a toddler. I know I savored every moment, but really did I?

September is an exciting time though. My Halloween friends are geared up and ready for their time to shine. My Thanksgiving lovers are ready next at bat ready to plan out their meals and break out the fall decorations. And my adorers of Christmas, oh your time is coming, but I know you can feel it. I see you eyeballing the Christmas decorations at Hobby Lobby.. just wanting to pounce but not sure if you'll loose it all before it's time to put up. I see you all.

I thought I would start doing something fun and putting up some free digital art for my friends. Each month I plan on making some iPhone and iPad wallpapers that you are free to download and share. I hope when you open your devices they make you smile and maybe help get you in the mood for the holidays.


To save just click below to open the files in dropbox and download.

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