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So sad..

sad spring trees

So many times I am careless with the amount of paper I use.. the products I use.. and pay no attention to where they come from.. I do what I can, but I haven't been 'that' hard on myself.. we use cloth diapers, unpaper towels (but yes we still have paper towels in the house too), cloth pads, natural detergent, cloth bowl covers, of course dryer balls.. most of these items not only 'green' but also made by fellow work at home Mom's..
But I was editing my main pic on my blog today and realized.. the tree that I am standing behind is gone now.. all of the tree's from that yard are gone.. as well as the whole line of Bradford Pear tree's on my street.. it makes me sad when I see it on my own street. I am sure they weren't cut down to make paper or anything like that, more for estetic reasons (the Bradford Pear tree's kept falling down in spots) but still.. it's kinda sad when I think that they will never be there again.. and how my street just isn't as beautiful as it was..

An old house down the street.. the tree's in this yard are gone.. they were HUGE cedar tree's!

My street.. but these tree's are gone :(

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