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Dryer Balls, Art and My Heart — green

Strawesome glass drinking straws review & giveaway

eco friendly giveaway glass straws green handmade kitchen reduce reuse review strawesome WAHM

Straw + Awesome = STRAWESOME (and let me tell you why!)

As you are finding out, I'm all about easy and simple ways to reduce my impact and save money. A few other things I am a fanatic about are beautiful pieces of art, things handmade, things made by other Mom's, and unique things that just make life a little sweeter. These straws are all of the above!

I'll admit, we weren't huge straw users in our...

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Athena Creates- Bird-E Towels Review

Athena Creates BirdE towels eco friendly etsy giveaway green handmade kitchen reduce reuse review unpaper towels WAHM

Paper towels... Ugh... This family of 6 goes through lots of them! Well, went through that is... that was before I found the love (yes love) for Athena Creates Bird-E towels. 

Some of my friends call me a hippy, some have no idea I am even 'Earth conscious' and honestly, I have no idea where on the spectrum I really fall. I'm just aware and if I'm throwing something away, I feel bad, especially...

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New adventures in GREEN..

composting garbage green vermiposting worms

So on the Buddha Bunz Facebook pageon St. Patricks DayI decided to ask everyone what green things they do and in turn send everyone that shared got a 20% off coupon code. I love hearing all of the ways my friends are going green and the neat things they are doing for the environment! A few mentioned composting... well now.. there's something I never even though of doing and I have ever reason to...

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