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Dryer Balls, Art and My Heart

Little Steps

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9 Months old today!!

I can't believe it! My baby, my little tiny baby is 9 months old today! Why is this significant to me? Because it took me exactly this long to make him, he was inside of me exactly this amount of time... and now here he is, walking, almost talking, doing things on his own. I notice the little things and get sad... his hair is growing (and still orange), his legs are loosing their rolls, he eats...

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Our professional pictures...

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OK so I started another blog...

Hi All,
So I was thinking about it today and I decided to start another blog... don't really know why, I am sure the only person that will actually read it is my Mamma. Haha. Ahh well. This is just mainly a place I wanted to update everyone about the kids, business and other junk that I decide to put on here from day to day. **Warning... it will be random at times**

So here we are, everything is...

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