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XL Wool Dryer Balls

$ 11.00

12/7/18 **ALL NEW** This listing is all about 2 new things we’re introducing.. 

#1 I’ve been making wool dryer balls for going on 12 years now but for some reason just got the idea to bring in other natural colors of wool besides off white. YAY! We now have brown and gray wool dryer balls! Please take note that the color/shade of the wool may be different in each batch that we get.

#2 We now have the option for an XL wool dryer ball! You asked and we listened, we will now be making a portion of each batch of wool dryer balls in an XL size. These are twice as large as our regular dryer balls (see photos to compare above). Perfect for those that get frustrating fishing dryer balls out of sleeves and nooks and crannies they find themselves in or if you just don’t want to use as many of the regular size balls, you can toss a few XL balls in instead. 


*this listing is for our XL size wool dryer balls* 

Our wool dryer balls are an all natural alternative to liquid fabric softeners and dryer sheets. Handmade with 100% wool they gently bounce in your dryer to keep your laundry soft while reducing the amount of time it takes to dry. Using our wool dryer balls saves you time, money and reduces your family's exposure to needless chemicals. They are completely safe to use with your cloth diapers, children's clothing and everyday laundry. The perfect fabric softener for individuals with skin sensitivities and allergies.

Buddha Bunz has been making wool dryer balls since 2007 and we are confident you'll be happy you made the switch to put a natural twist on your laundry routine.

No dyes, just pure all natural wool. Pair it with your favorite essential oil scent and you've got an amazing 100% natural fabric softener! 


Additional information:

~100% wool to the core.

~Handmade in the USA (San Antonio, Texas) by the same Mama for 11 years.

~Wool sourced ONLY from North America.

~No chemicals are used in our manufacturing process, ever.

~We wash our dryer balls with soap nuts to ensure they are safe for even the most sensitive skin.

~Will not strip fabrics of their flame-resistant qualities as fabric softeners do.

~Will not coat dryers with chemical film that blocks air flow.

~Easy to re-scent, leaving your laundry with a soft scent of your choice.

~INDIVIDUALLY SOLD unless stated

~Last for years! 

~1 year warranty on defective product



To use: 

Simply throw in the dryer with your wet laundry. No need to take them out when you're done. The more dryer balls you use at one time the more it will help reduce your dry time and soften. The larger the load the more dryer balls you will need. 


**Shipping times** Items are shipped as quickly as I possibly can, but please remember each item is handmade, hand dyed and shipped by one Mama. Shipping times vary depending on the volume of orders at the moment. If you need yours quickly please feel free to send me an e-mail at

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