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1. How to use
2. Reducing dry time
3. Softness
4. Colored balls
5. Wool allergy
6. Caring for
7. Arrived damp
8. Fuzzy
9. Scents
10. Static
11. Cloth diapers
12. Scents with cloth diapers
13. How many do I need
14. Rescenting
15. Our wool
16. Why wool
17. Why Buddha Bunz
18. How long will they last
19. Unraveling
20. Warranty

1. How do I use a wool dryer ball?

To use our dryer balls simply throw into your dryer with your wet clothes or diapers and dry as you normally would. There is no need to take them out, unless you want to look at them of course. Keep in mind, the more you use at once, the more they will help reduce dry time and soften... so go ahead... throw them all in!

2. How much will my dry time be reduced?
Using at least 4 wool dryer balls a small load can be reduced by up to 1/2, a large load by about 1/4. It is very hard to say exactly how much it will be reduced because there are so many variables included... the type of dryer, brand of dryer, type of laundry, how large of a load, the type of fabrics, what settings you use, how many balls you use. Be sure not to overload your dryer though, the larger the load the less the dry time will be reduced. You have to make sure there is enough room for the dryer balls to bounce around. The more balls you use at once, the more reduction you will see in dry time. Using just 2 balls on a large load you may not see much.. using 6 or 8 balls on that same load you should see some marked reduction. Think of it like blow drying your hair... if you just stick the dryer up against your head it will take forever to dry... if you run a brush through it separating your strands of hair it will dry much faster. Wool also absorbs up to 30% of its own weight in moisture.

3. What about softness?
Like shaking out a crunchy line dried towel the more you shake it the more the rough spots are smoothed out. The gentle bouncing of our wool dryer balls against your laundry while it dries keeps everything naturally soft.

4. Are colored balls safe to use with whites? Will they bleed?
Yes, you can use your colored dryer balls on any color laundry (even whites). Buddha Bunz colored wool dryer balls are dyed using a fiber reactive dye made specifically to react with wool. The color is then heat set. In the last step they are washed to ensure that all remaining color not set is washed out. They will not bleed on your laundry.

5. I have a wool allergy; can I use wool dryer balls?
Yes, some allergies to wool are because of the lanolin in most wool items. The lanolin is stripped out of our dryer balls during our manufacturing process. Another cause of a wool allergy is when the scratchy fibers come into contact with your skin and cause irritation. Unless you rub your dryer balls against your skin you'll be just fine. Some wool allergies have actually been shown to stem from an allergy to the toxic chemicals used to create wool garments. Our wool is custom made for Buddha Bunz and is very minimally processed using no chemicals. We have had LOTS of people with wool allergies use our wool dryer balls and none have ever reported having a reaction.

6. Do I need to wash my wool dryer balls?
Your dryer balls do not need to be washed unless you find then needing it (the kids get them dirty… etc.), if they do need a wash just put them in with your laundry and wash like normal. No special care needs to be taken.

7. I just received my dryer balls in the mail, why are they damp?
Your new dryer balls may feel a bit damp when they arrive. During shipping the wool absorbs some of the moisture in the shipping bag, especially during the summer months and shipping from the uber hot South Texas heat. No worries though they will dry up in the first load of laundry you dry. (PS did you notice your shipping bag is made from 88% recycled materials, please toss it back in the recycle bin!)

8. I've used my dryer balls and now they have fuzz on them... what gives?

Your dryer balls will get pills or fuzzy in the dryer, this is normal. It does not affect the performance, if anything it creates more surface area which means a better dry and fluff! If this bothers you simply give them a shave with a sweater-de-fuzzer (sure it's a word) or snip with some scissors and they will be back to normal in no time. *A word of caution though* Please be aware when cutting the fibers that this COULD cause your dryer balls to come apart at some point. Wool dryer balls are sheep hair, so when you cut the fibers it is weakening the ball.

9. How long will my scents last?
This is a VERY hard question to answer. The amount of time your scents last depends on quite a few things... which scent you choose, how often you use them, how much scent was added to the ball etc. I have heard everything from a month to a year or more. We are trying to do some more research in this area though to give you more of a definitive answer. If you find a scent that you LOVE we do sell all of our fragrance oils on our website so you can stock up at any time.

10. Do they get rid of static?
Our dryer balls will reduce static, but it may not take it away completely. We have quite a few tips to help you with that static monster though. To help with static be sure not to over dry your clothes, over drying is a big source of static. Since wool dryer balls reduce dry time you may notice an increase in static after using them so be sure to adjust your dry time to ensure you are not over drying your laundry. Adding vinegar to the rinse cycle of will also help reduce static. Adding a ball of aluminum foil will also help reduce static, or simply clipping a safety pin to one of your dryer balls can help.

11. Are wool dryer balls safe to use with my cloth diapers?
Our wool dryer balls are completely safe to use with your cloth diapers.. we keep them in our dryer and use with all of our laundry. Our wool dryer balls have also been endorsed by many cloth diaper manufacturers including Cotton Babies (the maker of bumGenius) and sold by many cloth diaper retailers.

12. What about scented dryer balls, are those safe to use with cloth diapers?
Yes, but read on. When you get a dryer ball that has been scented by us it has been scented from the inside and it is completely safe to use with your cloth diapers. No oils or residue will come into contact with your awesome cloth diapers. If you rescent the wool dryer balls yourself just be aware that if you scent the balls by any other means than putting the oil on the inside (injecting it into) of the ball there is a chance that the oil will come into contact with your diapers. If you use essential oils (100% pure) they are safe to scent on the outside of the ball. If you use fragrance oils (like those sold on our website), those are the only ones to be aware of. I have never had anyone tell me they've had a problem with any repelling or issues with any of our scented balls or scents we sell (and we've sold them for well over 6 years), but I wanted to point this out... juuuust incase.

13. How many wool dryer balls do I really need?
For Buddha Bunz wool dryer balls I recommend to try and start with at least 4 dryer balls, the more you use the better they will help with dry time and softness. For small loads 4, medium 6, large 8 and XL 8+. There is no max... of course you could get a little silly, but we have customers that use upwards of 20 at a time. If you start with 2 just be aware that you may need to add more until you get to that perfect number.

14. How do I rescent my wool dryer balls?
There are 3 basic ways to rescent a dryer ball.

1. Drop the scent on the outside of the ball. This may stain the balls though so if they are pretty you may not want to try this method, most of the time it's just an orange spot. This also increases the chances of oil coming into contact with your laundry so if you use this method I recommend first drying a load of towels or laundry that will not stain. Many people use this method so that they can scent the balls for each load and even change up the scent quickly.

2. Make a hole with an awl or tool and drop or inject the scent into the hole. Look for one of the wool intersections, without breaking the fibers dig a hole into the ball with the awl. Use a dropper to drop your scent into the ball and squeeze the ball back together to cover up the hole.

3. Inject the scent to the inside of the ball. I've found 2 ways to do this, you can use a meat injector from the kitchen dept, but you won't want to reuse this for your chicken dinner that night so get one special just for your dryer balls. The oil comes out fast, so pour in just enough for one ball. Since the hole this creates is a little large try and find a spot where the wool intersects so you will not be breaking any fibers. Or pick up a syringe right here on our site. Inject the scent right into the ball and you're done.

With any of the above methods be sure and put the ball in a baggie or container for at least 24 hours to let the scent soak in. You can use them right away, just be aware that the scent will only last one or two loads. And you want to use around 1-2ml per ball for the best scent throw.

15. Where does our wool come from?
I get all of my wool from farms here in North America and it is milled in the northern US where it is shipped to me here in Texas where I manufacture them. I am very proud to support small farms and our very special mill that creates our wool just for Buddha Bunz.

16. Why wool?
Wool is antimicrobial and hypoallergenic; they will not harbor any nasty ickyness and transfer it to your laundry. As you already know wool is sustainable and we are very proud to get our wool from small farms where we are proud to help support farm families. Wool is flame resistant and if there was to be a fire your dryer balls will smolder and not catch fire. Wool fiber has a value that lasts 15-20 years or longer and has shown to out wear other fabrics. Wool fibers are so durable that they can be bent 20,000 times without breaking. Wool is a natural air purifier, absorbing toxic VOC's that could be in your laundry. Wool also absorbs noise, while there is a marked increase of noise in your dryer with them, using wool dryer balls is much quieter than other types on the market.

17. Why Buddha Bunz?
We have a very small footprint and do not use any chemicals in our manufacturing process. I source my wool ONLY from North America, the wool does not travel across the world for processing. Our dryer balls will last for years, guaranteed! I have been producing our brand of wool dryer balls for over 6 years now, was the first to bring them to the mass market and have lots of amazing feedback from very happy customers. I am also just a Mama. I still run this business out of our home, I still manufacture every single dryer ball myself along with all of the marketing, customer service, packing, shipping, social networking. It's all me and I am so blessed to have an amazing job that I can do while being able to stay home with my 4 children.

18. How long will they last?
I have been making Buddha Bunz wool dryer balls for over 6 years now and have customers that still have balls bouncing around as good as new from the beginning. That being said all of my wool dryer balls are made by hand and I can make a mistake or have a ball that comes out wonky and may not last as long as the others for some odd reason, but I do offer a warranty.

19. What do I do if my ball is starting to unravel?
If one of your wool dryer ball starts to unravel you can either e-mail me at and we'll work through it together or you can try these tips. First, go ahead and cut off any long strand that has already come off. Toss it, they will still work just fine if a piece has come off. If you feel it needs to be felted a little more put your dryer ball in a knee high/nylon or old sock and tie it at the top. Wash on hot with a load of laundry (and soap), take out and dry like normal.

20. Warranty?
I offer a 1 year replacement warranty. If you are having issues with your dryer ball please send an e-mail to and we will work through the issue together on a case by case basis.

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