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Scenting Oils

Scenting Oils

$ 3.00
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Love our scents? Buy a little bottle of your own. Use to rescent your dryer balls, scent your homemade cleaners, make a room spray or anything else you would like.

10ml of fragrance oil is enough to scent about 10 dryer balls (1ml per ball).
1 ounce of fragrance oil is enough to scent 30 dryer balls.

Our scents are phthalate free.

Fragrance oils and essential oils are different, the fragrance oils you can purchase here on the Buddha Bunz website are synthetic, but safe for cloth diapers, skin applications and for your beloved dryer balls. These are the same fragrance oils we've used and sold for 8 years here. Essential oils are 100% pure and natural oils from plants.


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